Life Cycles: Incorporating New Challenges Into My Stagnant Fitness Routine

Athleticism runs in my family.  My father spent his teenage years surfing, doing gymnastics and pretty much excelled at any sport he tried. Growing up, I remember my mother always taking pride in her health by working with personal trainers and trying out different sorts of fitness studios. Fitness and health are something they are passionate about to this day, 30 years into their marriage.  Most days, when my dad is home from work,  they head out together on a hike or for a jog at the community park.

Parents on a 5 mile local hike

I consider myself an active person.  I started going to the gym with my mother when I was 14 years old and haven’t stopped since.  In the17years I have been working out (at LA Fitness mostly), the gym has become a haven for me.  When I’m there it’s MY time.  No matter what is stressing me out in my personal, professional or financial life, when I step foot in the gym I can let it go… at least for an hour.

Recently, the past 3 years or so, I’ve noticed a shift in my body.  The desire to workout has slowly evaporated from my daily routine.  Instead, I excuse myself from exercise for this reason or that, always assuring myself I will go extra hard the next time I workout.  Of course, the next time may be up to a week later.  In this time I have also packed on about 5 pounds per year.  I’m not largely overweight or anything but I am no longer able to melt the pounds away with a few extra gym sessions.  I’m realizing that as I age I must focus more on what I eat and how I can fit a workout, however small, into my routine.

To compensate for my short attention span, I like to change up my workouts quite often.  I have fallen in love with the feeling of trying a new studio, class or outdoor activity so I don’t get discouraged or board and lose hope.  This weekend I thought I’d check out a new cycle studio in Valencia called Cycle Up.  If you haven’t tried a cycle studio before, do yourself a favor and seek out the nearest one and try a class!  Cycling is honestly one of the most challenging, rewarding and cathartic workouts I’ve ever done. Think an exercise class meets nightclub meets the Tour de France.  Cycle Up adds a twist on traditional cycle classes by incorporating a competitive element to its regimen.  Two giant screens at the front of the class show the student’s rank in real time and the amount of effort each person is putting into their ride. This was a great experience and showed me just how out of shape I have become.  I was hurting about half way through but challenged myself to push through.


Challenge yourself to try something out of your comfort zone this month and I promise only good can come from it!

cycle up 2

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