Brooklyn To Manhattan Beach: Grimaldi’s On the West Coast

In my family, it has become a tradition of sorts that every visit to New York must include a trip to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. My aunt took me during my first visit to the city nearly 9 years ago.  I’ve been back 5 times since and it remains one of the highlights of any trip.

On our last visit, the owner told my boyfriend and I that they recently opened a location in El Segundo, California.  Naturally we were stoked to get home and try it out.  This weekend we finally made that dream a reality and travelled the short 30 minutes down the 405 to reminisce in our tantalizing memories. As I was sitting in the El Segundo location, it was still as delicious as I remember but I realized the atmosphere of the Brooklyn location is a reason to visit in itself.

Grimaldi’s Brooklyn Location
Grimaldi's El Segundo Location
Grimaldi’s El Segundo Location
Interior Grimaldi's, El Segundo
Interior Grimaldi’s, El Segundo

The El Segundo location is beautiful but it has lost it’s New York attitude to the California way of life.  The building modern and virtually identical to the multitude of surrounding restaurant chains.  The interior is chic and modern, almost nothing like it’s Brooklyn counterpart.  Aside from pictures of New York scenes hung on the wall, you might forget Grimaldi’s authentic beginnings.

I’m still grateful that I don’t have to travel across the country to eat some delicious pizza but at the same time it makes me long for the beautiful brick building and Brooklyn architecture of the original.  Give me the line stretching around the block in rain or shine. Give me the bossy, slightly scary ancient bouncer who could probably make me cry with one look.  Take me back to Brooklyn!

White Pizza with Sausage and Black Olives
White Pizza with Sausage and Black Olives
Two is Always Better Than One
Two is Always Better Than One

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