At 27 years old, I’ve been in my fair share of relationships…

At The Top of A Mountain

It’s the briefest of moments, lasting only weeks before the ground begins to dry out once more, but on my daily commute into the valley from LA I make sure to stop and look at the beauty the Earth unveils once a year.

Brooklyn To Manhattan Beach: Grimaldi’s On the West Coast

In my family, it has become a tradition of sorts that every visit to New York must include a trip to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. My aunt took me during my first visit to the city nearly 9 years ago. I’ve been back 5 times since and it remains one of the highlights of any trip.

Down On the West Coast

California has the best weather on the planet. Yes, I am a Cali native and growing up here gives me automatic bias but I have travelled to a few parts of the world and what that has taught me is: you can’t beat California for weather. Mostly sunny year around, mild winters and a place where you can…

Always Awkward Introductions

Who am I? Whoa, too deep for a Friday afternoon sitting behind my desk in a classroom at a High School close to where I grew up.  But that’s the ultimate question, isn’t it? Honestly, I didn’t start wondering what made Jade “Jade” until fairly recently.  I’m 27 years old and I’m not embarrassed to…